Virtual Reality (VR)

A common view of the dimensions and details of a construction project between contractors and employers is one of the existing challenges. Virtual reality makes it possible for employers or contractors to enter the project interactively before starting the construction process, and during the design process, and have access to all components. With the use of this technology, all the details of the project are determined, as well as those that are more important for the parties, are checked with great care. In addition, virtual reality technology allows the user to interactively enter the project environment and change the decoration. In this way, he will have a correct understanding of the implementation process of the project. In general, the following can be listed as the benefits of using virtual reality technology in construction projects:

  • Evaluation of the project and determination of work points with the ability to interact with the user
  • A virtual tour of the project’s infrastructure based on the specific maintenance construction
  • Determination of advertising strategy
  • virtual tour
  • Setting up tourism tour platforms
  • Designing and launching therapeutic tourist platforms with user interaction with the environment
  • Moving through the project point by point
  • Viewing different project alternatives
  • View different disciplines and project infrastructure
  • Viewing the project schedule and construction stages
  • Virtual user navigation in the project
  • View different alternatives of the project and change in the moment in an unlimited way
  • Light changes and setting the position of the sun project
  • Changing the internal decoration of the project
  • Viewing project infrastructures and interacting with them, this service is open source and any functionality can be added to the client’s request.
  • Viewing the project schedule and construction stages