Excellent business management

One of the most important and vital pillars of a business or organization is to have the necessary capital and credit to advance its goals and objectives. Funding and credits Management in Koosha Management Company is a process of building trust for investors and managing the necessary capital and credit to implement Projects and plans are approved.

The management team of Funding and credits of Koosha Management Company with their expertise and experience are trying to provide the required amount of capital required at the appropriate time for the plans and projects that have been approved and implemented, and how to allocate and use these funds. Manage projects and projects effectively in the portfolio.

The Important actions of this section:

  • Identification and selection of investors in the field of construction industry with a high degree of confidence
  • Identify and select a safe place to raise the required capital and credits.
  • Predict the amount of required capital in accordance with the plans and projects of the company.
  • Employing specialists, consultants and professional lawyers in drafting investment contracts.
  • Prepare comprehensive and useful reports on the performance of the process of providing and allocating capital to the company.