design, supply, implementation (EPC)

Project implementation with EPC contract means implementation of all project stages from design, procurement and construction to commissioning and delivery of the project to the customer. In this type of contract, the EPC company, as the main contractor, takes responsibility for the implementation of all project stages, and the activity of the employer and his consultants will be more in the bidding process and high supervision during the project.

Due to having the KPMM platform in the field of project management, Koosha company has created significant capabilities for projects in EPC contracts, which include: significant reduction of costs, significant reduction of project execution time, proper management of project resources, improvement The quality of the project and the reduction of risks related to the project.


Construction management services

Koosha Company, relying on two decades of experience and the valuable history of its managers in managing, supervising and implementing large and successful projects in Isfahan, has entered the field of construction and implementation of construction projects, and its services are as follows:

– Project implementation as contract management or EPC

– Implementation of the project in the form of contract management

– Consulting and design services

– Consulting services and supervision and establishment of technical office in projects

– Application services of meter and estimate and status writing

– Preparing and editing the study booklet for the zero phase and the explanatory plan of the projects

Monitoring using new technologies in construction

Monitoring and control of implementation is one of the important issues in Tomkin construction quality in construction projects, one of the most effective technologies in this field of activity is the use of VR technology to create a virtual tour of the project’s infrastructure based on Ezbilett maps.

Providing design services using AR and VR technology

The use of new technologies creates a common understanding of the dimensions and details of a construction project between contractors and employers. By using VR, Kosha company has been able to specify all the details of the project and create a dynamic interaction for changes in design and interior decoration according to the client’s request.

If you have a proposal for a specific project in the field of Kosha’s construction activities, or if you want this company to do all or part of the project management and EPC activities, please submit your proposal through the link below