Company Overview

Special management services with experts and managers guarantee the improvement and sustainability of your businesses.

Kosha management company with the focus on knowledge, science and experience and with the approaches of creativity, innovation, law-abiding, sustainable value creation, systemic and strategic thinking, guidance, companionship and competence creation, provides its management services in the areas of project management, construction industry. , participation and investment in construction, market research and design studies, consulting and excellent business management.
Based on the capabilities and experiences of the leaders and senior managers of the company, the executive structure of the company has been established in the fields of construction management, investment management, business management and excellence.

Koosha Management Company

Value Creation, Sustainable Quality, Excellence, Stakeholders’ Satisfaction

The main approach of Koosha Management Company is to create sustainable values ​​and advantages, desirable quality, excellence and satisfaction of stakeholders. The vision and mission of each organization will be achieved by using human, organizational and information capital in internal processes. Identifying the needs and expectations of stakeholders can create the best values ​​for them.

Growth and excellence require new management tools and techniques. This opportunity has been created for you in a diligent management company

Company Approach


Providing special management services in connection with the construction industry, participation and investment in construction, research and design studies, consulting and empowering managers, excellent business management in order to progress, develop, expand and excel the management culture in organizations. Companies and businesses.


A powerful reference for the improvement, development and excellence of management with a continuous presence among the top domestic and international companies.