introduction of a company

KOOSHA Company has been active in large and successful projects with the experience and experience of its managers in the fields of project management and construction. Based on the capabilities and experiences of the leaders and senior managers of the organization, the executive structure of the company has been formed in the fields of project management, construction management and new technologies in the construction industry.

Today, the increase in complexity in organizations due to the multiplicity and variety of projects has led to poor quality in implementation, scheduling, resource allocation and lack of integrated management. Also, common understanding of the dimensions and details of a construction project between contractors and employers is one of the existing challenges of construction projects. Therefore, the implementation of integrated management and targeted control of projects has become the main concern of senior managers in project-oriented organizations.


Providing construction services, project management services, using new technology and tools in the construction industry, as well as participation and investment in construction.


A powerful and leading reference in the construction industry and project management, among the top domestic and international companies.