Empowerment and Management Excellence

Empowerment and management excellence is a process that addresses all specialized aspects of business management and leadership. Management skills and expertise, specialized business consulting, holding conferences and seminars related to the field of business management are the most important parts of this process. The main purpose of this section is to improve and develop the skills of business leaders and managers. has it. This approach is developed and presented in order to create and increase skills such as business environment analysis, leadership, communication and empathy, team building and teamwork, individual and team empowerment.

Koosha Management Empowerment and Excellence Center provides the basic concepts of management in a practical way to increase the level of awareness of managers and business leaders.

Empowerment and development of managers

Empowerment and development of managers and leaders in a diligent management company in order to provide new concepts and …

Conferences and Seminars

One of the important ways to inform and increase the awareness of leaders, managers ...