Sales and Market Research

Sales and market research are two very important business processes within the organization. These two processes are in line with earning money and creating special value for the organization. In the sales process, the activities that lead to the sale of goods and services are formulated and their communication is specified in accordance with the goals of the construction field.

Market research is the process of identifying, analyzing, prioritizing and selecting the most appropriate and valuable construction goods and services in order to support construction plans and projects and present them to the sales team.

The sales and market research team of Koosha Management Company tries to create special values ​​for the company and its customers through the implementation of sales and market research processes.

The Important actions of this section:

  • Creating a commercial database including: exhibitions, construction goods and services, rules and requirements of chambers of commerce, transport companies, suppliers and sellers of construction goods and services, etc.
  • Establish sales teams for construction goods and services.
  • Establish a relationship management system with sellers of construction goods and services.