Market research and design studies

Market research management and design studies is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information in the field of construction services. Due to the increase in population and the need of the community for various urban spaces and facilities, it is necessary to review the required urban development plans in the field of construction in terms of market research and study studies to prepare acceptable justification plans. Provide the necessary funds and take effective measures to implement those plans.

The market research and design studies team of Koosha Management Company tries to create special values ​​for customers, society and the company by using expertise, experience and research methods and systems.

The Important actions of this section:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive database of urban management, construction goods and services, suppliers and sellers of construction goods and services
  • Perform macro-analyzes (economic, political, social and cultural, technology, environmental, legal)
  • Develop opportunities and threats to the projects under study
  • Carrying out technical and specialized analyzes in the field of construction
  • Preparation of a booklet of practical and economic justification plans
  • Documenting all research and studies of plans and projects
  • Establish a relationship management system with sellers and suppliers of construction goods and services