Designing management is a multidisciplinary process that involves a number of different designers such as architects, engineers and executives working together to create a single and comprehensive solution to create a project. This process involves capturing the needs and expectations of the client or project owner and translating them into an agreed plan after which the contractor or contractors are able to build it. Effective coordination between design experts can reduce costs, delays, unforeseen disruptions, and redesign the project.

The design teams in Koosha Management Company, with their expertise and experience and by applying modern methods and standards in the field of design, present the best and most appropriate designs in relation to residential, commercial, office and recreational projects.

Koosha Company offers the following services related to design:

  • Map design services to obtain permits
  • Advice on choosing a designer
  • Zero phase design of the project
  • Design and presentation of executive programs
  • Design and presentation of 3D project plans
  • Design of structural drawings
  • Designing project facility programs