Consulting and Monitoring

Construction consulting is done by a group of experts appointed as consultants. Consultants are appointed by the project owner to perform expert tasks on the project. Consulting can be done for various fields of construction such as structural design, analysis, project management, construction management, contracts and surveying.

Professional consultants in Koosha Management Company design residential, commercial, office and recreational projects based on domestic and international standards. Consultants choose the best and most economical method of construction for the project. They conduct the consulting process based on the needs and expectations of the project owner.

Construction monitoring is an accurate and effective way to check the quality, accuracy and progress of a construction project. Supervision includes construction environment, quality control, meeting schedule and objectives, negotiations, suppliers, health and safety, costs, materials, compliance with plans and specifications. Construction monitoring gives you a clear view of the project progress so you pay attention to problems before they occur.

The supervisory teams of Koosha Management Company, with their expertise and experience, identify all aspects of construction and continuously update project control reports and provide them to the employer and project consulting.

Koosha Management Company provides the following services related to consulting and supervision:

  • Advice and support in land acquisition
  • Review of legal requirements and justification plan
  • Advice on selecting project designers
  • Obtaining licenses from relevant organizations
  • Building sales advice
  • Investing advice and participation in buying and selling real estate
  • Advice on preparing a justification plan
  • Construction consulting, engineering and documentation services
  • Consulting of contracting and real estate contracts
  • practical meter and estimation services
  • Establishment of consulting and supervision office in large construction projects