Consulting and Business Excellence

Following the example of superior and advanced companies and organizations can be effective in improving and developing your business. One of the activities and positions that have been created and identified in these companies is the use of expert and experienced consultants in various fields of business management. With their knowledge and experience, these consultants can put your business on the path of growth and excellence and play an effective role in achieving your business goals and strategies.

The team of business consultants of Koosha Management Company, relying on their expertise, knowledge and high experience, provide their services in the fields of business management and excellence (individual-team-organizational).

The business consulting team of Koosha Management Company offers the following services:

  • Coaching (individual - team - organizational).
  • Consulting Room (Business Management Consultants).
  • Complicating and evaluating the maturity of the organization.
  • Provide management solutions to organizations.
  • Strategic management consulting.
  • Organizational structure consulting.
  • Quality Assurance Systems Consulting (ISO Standards).
  • Business risk management consulting.
  • Business model consulting.
  • Consulting with the approach of facilitating business processes in the context of IT and BPMS implementation services.