Business analysis

Business analysis is the process of making changes in the organization by specifying the requirements and proposing solutions that bring value to the stakeholders. Business analysis allows company managers to accurately determine the needs and the main reason for change in the organization and to describe and design solutions that are value-creating.

Business analysis is done on various innovations in the organization. These innovations may be strategic, tactical or operational. The business analysis process may be done within the scope of the project or throughout the organization and for continuous improvement of the company. It can be used to understand the current situation, determine the future situation, and also determine the activities and actions necessary to move from the current situation to the future.

In summary, the process of business analysis consists of:

  1. 1. Identification of all types of problems and opportunities as input
  2. 2. Identification of stakeholders related to the problem or opportunity
  3. 3. Extracting the needs of stakeholders related to the problem or opportunity
  4. 4. Requirements analysis and design definition
  5. 5. Requirements cycle management
  6. 6. Strategy analysis
  7. 7. Identification of potential solutions for problems or opportunities
  8. 8. Evaluating the identified solutions and selecting the selected solution
  9. 9. Participation in the implementation and implementation of the solution
  10. 10. Evaluation of the selected implemented solution


Business analysts are diligent in understanding organizational problems and goals, analyzing needs and solutions, determining strategy, creating change and facilitating cooperation with stakeholders alongside you dear business owners.